Emergent (adjective): Coming into being or becoming prominent

We're for the die-hards, those passionate, never-give-up /never-give-in business owners, entrepreneurs and social change agents.

We go the extra mile to see your dream become a reality.

We help you take bold steps and leaps of faith to achieve your dreams.

We thrive on helping clients launch innovative social start-ups, implement
business model transformations, and successfully undertake organisational change and renewal projects.

Dream big, live boldly and explore your potential with us today! We give you Confidence to Create!

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Launch My Start Up Idea

I want help to launch my Start Up Idea
We can help you with your new start up – whether you’re looking to start a neighbourhood cafe or launch a world changing social venture!. Click here to find out more

Grow My Business

I want help to grow my business
We can help you grow your business with practical no-nonsense business strategy and consulting advice. We offer packages to suit business of any shape and size – including business strategy, online marketing and social media, and use of new technology to save you time and money!

Revitalize My NFP Organisation

I want help to revitalize my NFP organisation
We love helping NFP leaders revitalize their organizations to be more effective and influential. We offer consulting advice and services that can enhance NFP growth strategy, marketing and communications, leadership development and organization culture.

Explore Emerging Asian Markets

I want to explore Emerging Markets in Asia
Ever considered partnering with a business in one of the emerging Asian markets? Or launching a new business in Asia region? Or expanding to attract new customers within emerging Asian markets? We can help you find the best strategy for entering markets across many SE Asian and Asia Pacific countries.

About Us

Emergent Consulting Australasia applies new ways of thinking to complex problems, fresh approaches to capacity building, and access to best practices that support clients seeking growth in emergent leadership, business innovation, change management and social enterprise development.

Our Team

Our team comprise experienced professionals from various disciplines and backgrounds with specific expertise in working cross-culturally and in complex project environments. In engaging a member of our team, we commit to add exceptional value, to work in ways that build trust, promote learning and growth, and which inspire an emergent leadership culture.
We build confidence in leaders to create change and organisational renewal
We build confidence in social entrepreneurs to create viable social business
We build confidence in leaders to create new value through innovation
We build confidence in project teams to deliver outstanding outcomes


Our approach to working with our clients, whether big or small, is the same. We treat each client with respect. We listen intently and ask the right questions to assess what drives their growth engine. We work collaboratively to identify simple yet effective strategies for doing more for less. We bring a partnership mindset to bear - seeking to add more value than we consume. If we are not in a position that we can add real value to our clients - we will tell them upfront. We believe in a no-bull-dust policy and aim to communicate with honesty and integrity at all times. We work hard to identify the best solutions to create sustainable growth and to overcome any roadblocks to growth. Simply put: we go the extra mile to make our clients vision a reality, exploring all creative options to ensure our clients receive outstanding value. This is how we give our clients the confidence to create!

Our Client Stories

  • Centacare Cairns

    Centacare Cairns has engaged our company to provide initial project scoping of social enterprise initiatives aligned to Centacare’s core service delivery objectives. Our consultant brief includes initial assessment of a range of potential social enterprise concepts, undertake multi-criteria analysis to short-list preferred business concepts and subsequent market research and concept budgets for establishment of up to 3 unique social enterprise initiatives. Centacare Cairns is seeking to establish innovative and impactful social enterprises that achieve the organisations long term strategic objectives and core social mission.

    Check out their company websites here: www.centacarecairns.org

    Centacare Cairns
    Market Research Social Enterprise Scoping
  • Bali Organic Farmers / Koperasi Tani Bali Jagadhita and Aroma Wali Dewata

    The Bali Organic Biodiversity Project is a unique project that aims to create an integrated and financially sustainable model for organic agroforestry development in Bali province – leading to employment creation outcomes, strengthening of local community bonds, restoration of old traditions, and regional economic  & environmental benefits.
    The project will aim to support a local farmers cooperative to transition up to 200 farms (approx. 1,000Ha) from a dependence on mono-cropping and chemical use, to full organic farming techniques including multi-cropping / complimentary planting.  We are currently supporting this unique agroforestry and organic farming project through securing pilot phase project funding and long term impact venture capital investment. We are also providing a range of business consulting and support services to the project team.
    Check out their company websites here: http://koperasitanibali.com/ and http://aromawalidewata.com/
    Bali Organic Farmers / Koperasi Tani Bali Jagadhita and Aroma Wali Dewata
    Bali Organic Biodiversity Project
  • Completed Digital Health Check for local and international SMEs

    We have completed a number of Digital Health Checks for small business clients locally and abroad. Interested in booking in a digital health check for your business? Call us today: +61439 221 430 to arrange an appointment.

    Completed Digital Health Check for local and international SMEs
  • Inside Out Travel Cambodia Co. Ltd

    We have a special relationship with Inside Out Travel Cambodia Co. Ltd – having started this business many years ago (in 2009) as a pilot model of social enterprise. We eventually sold the business in 2012 to our faithful Cambodian manager, Ms. Chanthol Hoes – who has since grown the business from strength to strength. Recently, we conducted a Social Impact Assessment (SIA) for Inside Out Travel Cambodia including detailed summary report. Together with the SIA we are also providing a range of business planning advice associated with helping Inside Out Travel Cambodia acquire investment funding or grants to enable further business growth. Check out our recent blog posts for more about our journey with Inside Out Travel Cambodia and in particular, Chanthol’s story of leading this social business through early stages of growth!

    Check out their company website here: www.insideouttravel.com

    Inside Out Travel Cambodia Co. Ltd
    Assessment and Investment Advice
  • FBL Consulting Services, Cairns

    FBL Consulting Services are a well established tax, accounting and business advisory service which has been based in Cairns region for over 30 years. Our work with this client has focused on leveraging the company reputation, brand and associated assets to improve sales, drive more traffic to the company website and attract new customers via digital marketing. Our work has included website development / enhancements, digital marketing strategy development and set-up of social media profiles (incl. monthly maintenance).

    To hear more about our journey and our work with FBL Consulting Services – check out our Blog post here:

    Client Stories – FBL Consulting Services, Cairns

    FBL Consulting Services, Cairns
    Responsive Website Development Social Media Marketing
  • Jars of Clay Coffee Shop, Phnom Penh Cambodia

    Jars Of Clay Cafe, Cambodia represent an amazing group of young Cambodian women who are attempting to create a truly 100% Cambodian owned, managed and staffed modern Cafe to suit both Cambodian and International tastes. The business is structured as a social enterprise with employment provided to vulnerable young women and a percentage of profits directed to local NGOs /Charities. The business has grown significantly over the past 5 years and is positioning for further growth including expansion into locations outside of Phnom Penh city.

    Our work with Jars Of Clay has focused on transitioning the business, to help reposition itself as relevant and attractive Cafe within what is quickly becoming a highly competitive (and saturated) Cafe market in Phnom Penh city. We have delivered a complete Business Boost Package services to this client – which has included: Customer Insights Survey and Marketing Strategy, Logo / Brand Development, New Website, Refreshed Social Media and ongoing Digital Marketing / Campaign support.

    In addition, we have recently provided business advisory services to support the Jars Of Clay Cafe team embark on their latest Cafe renovation project. The project entailed a significant re-design, renovation and furnishing of the first Cafe (located near the Russian Market). We supported the local management team with visual mock-ups, design advice, interior decorating concepts, budgeting & renovation planning support, and have also undertaken to provide design of new menus for the Cafe. Overall, we are thrilled to see how well the project has been delivered. It is now completed and the new Cafe space looks amazing! You can read more about this in our recent blog posts.

    Jars of Clay Coffee Shop, Phnom Penh Cambodia
    Business Booster Consulting Advice
  • Eat Real Cafe and Catering, Cairns Australia

    Eat Real Cafe & Catering, Cairns offers its customers an opportunity to kick-start a new, healthy lifestyle by offering a mostly paleo-friendly menu that is both tasty and incredibly good for you! Eat Real Cafe & Catering business model includes Cafe, online ordering business and events catering. The main driving force behind the business is the passion of a strong local community/support network and founder, Elsa Comino’s inspiring story of personal change and transformation.

    Our work with Eat Real Care & Catering has included provision of business strategy and planning advice, new website development, enhancements to social media marketing, business process improvements and strategising for business growth into Brisbane.

    To hear more about the inspiring journey and our work with Eat Real Cafe & Catering – check out our Blog post here:

    Client Stories – Eat Real Cafe & Catering, Cairns & Brisbane

    Eat Real Cafe and Catering, Cairns Australia
    Consulting Advice Marketing Strategy Responsive Website Development
  • Connections Church Cairns

    Connections Church Cairns is seeking to grow its influence and reach out to more people by embracing the new world of digital media and online marketing platforms. Our work has involved development of a digital marketing strategy, enhancements to the Church website, and in monthly maintenance of their social media pages (including event and campaign management).

    To hear more about our journey and our work with Connections Church Cairns – check out our Blog post here: 

    Client Stories – Connections Church Cairns

    Connections Church Cairns
    Digital Marketing Strategy Web and Social Media Maintenance
  • Web Essentials, Cambodia

    Web Essentials is an innovative web development social enterprise with offices based in Cambodia and Switzerland. Our work with Web Essentials has included provision of staff training in areas of soft skills development and innovation mindset. Additionally, strategic advice and executive support is being provided currently through membership on their Business Advisory Board.

    Web Essentials employs 50+ staff currently and is embarking on its next level of growth. We are excited to be part of their journey in changing the paradigm for web development services  delivered with a strong social purpose.

    Find out more via their website: www.web-essentials.asia

    Web Essentials, Cambodia
    Business Advisory Role Staff Training
  • The Streets Movement (Organisation), Cairns

    The Streets Movement (Organisation), Cairns started from very humble beginnings – emerging as a self-funded, wholly community led initiative that aimed to engage young people, inspire dreams, restore hope, and foster personal responsibility – leading to changed lives. The Streets Movement (Organisation) is led by Jesse Martin, a passionate and inspirational leader with a dream to change the paradigm for disengaged communities and young people – throughout Australia and abroad!

    Jesse and his team are increasingly gaining profile nationally and overseas due to the strong focus on community led change initiatives and through passion to inspire every individual to take control of their own lives and make changes necessary to improve their situation.

    Check out Jesse’s TEDTalk via this link: 

    Our work with The Streets Movement (Organisation) is very much in early stages – we are providing general consulting advice and assisting with strategic planning activities focused on how the organisation can scale up their community change model (which includes a range of community-led, social enterprise, business and education initiatives in the pipeline). In addition, we are currently preparing a Corporate and Philanthropic Pitch Package to assist the TSM leadership team as they pursue strategic partnerships in 2017.

    We feel incredibly excited to be part of their journey! We look forward to assisting Jesse and his team reach their full potential as a regional, national and international agent of social and community-led change!

    The Streets Movement (Organisation), Cairns
    Consulting Advice Strategic Planning
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