Client Stories: Jars Of Clay Cafe, Creating A Foundation For Growth

We have recently completed a comprehensive package of services for one our favourite clients (yes, we are very biased!) based in Phnom Penh. We have a significant stake in Jars Of Clay Cafe thanks to our role in providing business mentoring, advice and management support for over 10 years now.

The credit though belongs fully to the Jars Of Clay Cafe management team and all the dedicated staff who continue to amaze us with their grit, determination and energy in what has been a significant period of business growth over the last 3 years or so.

Our recent work involved delivering a number of key outcomes as part of our Business Booster Package offer – essentially, this has involved the following pieces of work:

Customer Insights Survey

A key part of any rebranding exercise relies on good feedback from customers. We undertook a simple but effective survey of loyal customers on behalf of the Jars Of Clay management team. What resulted was some very interesting and helpful feedback, suggestions and new ideas. We consolidated the survey data into an easy to digest report for the Jars management team to reflect on as we took the journey of renewal of the business marketing and brand identity.

Marketing Strategy

Based on the findings of the Customer Insights Survey, we provided a concise Marketing Strategy for the business – focusing on leveraging the existing business assets (including brand loyalty and goodwill) and offered a number of strategies for strengthening the business marketing via new brand assets and to ensure a solid foundation for future growth.

New Business branding / logo development

This was no easy task – as the business has had an established brand and reputation built over almost 16 years of operation. As we talked with the Jars management team – it was clear that a fresh take on their logo was essential to the business growth into the future. Part of our work involved digging deeper into the history, values and identity of the business. One thing was sure – we had to include the clay jars motif as this remains a central part of the business DNA being based on Christian values: “For we have this treasure in jars of clay…” (2 Cor. 4:7). In addition, we worked over several sessions to clearly define the business tagline – which we all agreed on represented the core values of the business and team culture: “..Always With Love”.

New Business Cards

A modern and fresh approach was taken with the new business card designs. Using the new logo as inspiration we developed a two-tone business card design that reflects a courageous and confident feel – which was seen as a perfect way to introduce these Cambodian social enterprise leaders afresh to the world! New and old business cards with branding are shown below:



New Website

We completed rebuilt the Jars Of Clay website – incorporating modern user interface and mobile friendly design with fresh pictures of staff, food and clear presentation of the business value proposition. The website has room for further development as the business considers further expansions and value-added services such as online ordering and delivery in the future. Check out the new website:

New Menu

In keeping with the fresh take on all other branding assets – we redesigned the Cafe menu to include simple but modern styling aimed to appeal to customers with many options to choose from in Phnom Penh these days!

Social Media Campaigns / Development

Part of our brief included set up of Instagram page and refresh of the existing company Facebook Page. We also developed a number of Facebook campaigns and boosted posts including special offers, promotions and updates on the re-branding work. Overall, the increased level of customer engagement on Facebook is evidence of the benefits of Jars Of Clay management team decision to invest in the Business Booster Package of work.


Cafe renovation / Planning

We provided a range of advice and support to the Jars management team in determining the scope of building renovations to be undertaken at the Cafe 1 (Toul Tom Poung) location. We also assisted the management team with digital mock-ups of colour schemes and interior / exterior signage and branding elements. The renovation work has now just recently been completed for an approximate outlay of $US25K – which is not bad, considering the size of renovation work undertaken.

Here’s some great pictures that tell the story of the impact from the recent renovation work:

The Business Booster Package of work we delivered was kept to the pre-agreed budget (so, no surprises for the client!) and has produced outstanding results already – with many of the Jars Of Clay Cafe customers expressing how much they love the brand and love Jars Of Clay Cafe! This is great to hear – considering the tagline we chose to run with in the new branding is: “Always With Love”. The girls at Jars Of Clay have laid the foundation for their future growth by putting a significant stake in the ground – with this new brand identity clear for all to see!

If you’d like to talk with us about how we could help renew your business identity, branding or marketing – give Mark a call on +61439 221 430 or email: [email protected] We are offering a special of 10% off our regular pricing on Business Booster Packages until 31 March – so give us a call to take advantage of this special offer before it closes!

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