Client Stories – Connections Church Cairns


Often our work with clients can be focused on one simple objective. This was the case in our work with Connections Church Cairns – the Church is still relatively young (being less than 2 years old) and very much still establishing a presence within the local Cairns community. Our client, John Kenway was clear in the focus of our work – essentially reinforce the Church branding and mission: “Help us create a digital presence with web and social media, so we can foster more connections with people in the digital world!”.

As the Church had recently commissioned a new website already – we simply took on a maintenance role with the existing website, and focused on three core outcomes:

  1. Develop a Digital Marketing Strategy for the Church;
  2. Optimise the number of digital platforms used by the Church to promote its services and community activities;
  3. Create increased profile on Facebook to enable reaching a wider audience – including the many JCU Smithfield students seeking out spiritual / pastoral support locally / on campus.

Our strategy work and advice has led to the Church investing more significantly in Facebook as the key social media platform, with Instagram and YouTube being used sporadically only for special /visiting ministry recordings. In addition, a key part of the strategy included introducing a more modern & fresh-look with targeted Facebook Posts, Events and Ads. We also recommended utilising visual content wherever possible (noting recent changes to the Facebook algorithm), and encouraged communication to all church members to reinforce all the ways they could embrace social media (Facebook in particular) as an effective tool for strengthening connections among its own members, and also as means to stay relevant to an increasingly digital and mobile generation.

We are continuing to support John and the Connections Church Cairns team with management of its social media profile – and in providing advice on a range of creative and engaging social media campaigns to help grow its online presence. This work is positioning the Church to be a “connector” within its local community & on campus with JCU students seeking out spiritual & pastoral support. Keep a look out for Connections Church as it continues to expand its mission and vision of making a difference to people’s lives – both in person, online and via social media!

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