Defining Your Business Identity

So the sun-soaked memories of your holidays are fading, you’re already feeling exhausted and in need of a boost – and its only the start of the year!

To remedy this situation, its actually a good time to get clarity on your business identity and purpose by answering these key questions:

Who are we?

What are wanting to achieve?

How are we different to our competitors?

Not surprisingly, most business owners and managers struggle to answer these questions.


Here’s five things to consider when taking a fresh look at your business identity:

Define clearly your identity, values and purpose 

Although it may take some time in self-reflection and dialogue between staff and management – the discipline of defining clearly your identity (who you are), what you stand for (your values), and purpose (why you exist) will produce enduring results. This process will also help you know where to focus your limited time and resources when facing key decisions.

Communicate your identity, values and purpose in simple language for staff to understand
According to Gallup research undertaken in the U.S., less than half of managers (46%) and slightly more than one-third of non-management employees (37%) strongly agree with the statement “I know what my company stands for and what makes our brand(s) different from our competitors.” Helping staff to connect the dots on how their efforts contribute to the overall purpose of the business improves workplace morale and helps boost productivity.

Craft a simple identity statement that connects with your customers
By communicating who you are and what you stand for – you will find it easier to attract more customers who share the same values and align with your business goals. Increased share of wallet comes when customers feel a deeper connection to your business identity and purpose – with some even becoming your brand ambassadors!

Ensure your marketing materials incorporate your identity and purpose
By creating consistent brand messaging and a functional brand identity that reflects your identity, values and purpose – you will ensure your business is recognised, remembered and respected.

Be authentic!
Authentic connection with customers starts with getting back to the soul of your business – what are you passionate about and what do you want customers to experience when they engage with your business.

We’ve helped many small business owners and NFP organisations dig deeper to rediscover their identity, values and purpose – resulting in renewed branding and marketing that creates a deeper connection with their customers.

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