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I’ve met quite a few clients over the years that I could say genuinely inspire me to look at life through a different lens. Elsa Comino from Eat Real Cafe & Catering, Cairns & Brisbane is one such client. Elsa’s story is both inspiring and challenging! Elsa’s own very personal journey of choosing to live a healthy lifestyle and being able to turn her life around – challenges the passive mindset in all of us!! Elsa has founded a unique cafe and catering business – providing a paleo-friendly, healthy and tasty menu that promotes healthy and active body, mind and soul. Do yourself a favour – take the time to read Elsa’s story here:

Although Elsa’s business is still very much in early stages of growth – her passion, dedication and big vision more than compensate! Her energy is the key driving force in the business. The strong community of passionate, like-minded people she has drawn around her is also a massive factor in her success on the journey of inspiring healthy eating and active lifestyles within her target customer groups.

Initially, our work involved providing a range of broad strategic advice – in three key areas:

  1. Positioning the business for growth – focused initially on new website, social media and business marketing
  2. Mapping out plans for expansion into Brisbane market – building on her Cairns business success; and
  3. Exploring potential new revenue streams and new distribution channels

In short, our work with Elsa has primarily involved supporting her and her key teams’ efforts to expand the customer base within the local Cairns region, grow online sales, and make preparations for a future expansion to Brisbane. Our consulting brief also involved a complete rebuild of the company website assistance with social media and marketing strategy development.

The end goal in our work has been to help Elsa improve business sales (in particular, boosting her online order sales) and grow her brand. In addition to building a completely new website, we have implemented a number of operational /process improvements – notably, through the use of mobile apps to better manage customer orders, introducing an automated sales reporting function and setting up customer order notifications via SMS. All of these improvements have saved Elsa and her team a lot of hours – meaning more time and money available to invest in the business!

Over the last five months (June-Oct) since completing the new Eat Real website and implementing a number of the above changes – we are pleased to note the following key indicators of growth:

  • 50+ new customers have purchased online since May;
  • Total online sales increased by 60% (average monthly increase since May);
  • Website traffic has increased significantly – averaging 1,016 site visits per month;
  • Website “bounce rate” of 45% – which is a big improvement on their previous website.

The above results would not have been achieved without the significant investments in website development and social media marketing. As a result, the business is now well positioned to grow sales and enhance its overall positioning in their market.

Our team gets a kick out of seeing this kind of progress in our clients business. Great client results are always a result of great teamwork! Our approach with clients is always focused on working collaboratively to provide the best value and outcomes for all. Look out for Eat Real Cafe and Catering in the years ahead – we are dreaming big and joining with Elsa and her team to envision a great future ahead for the business!

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