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When we started working with our Client, Foster Lee (FBL Consulting Services) – it was clear Foster had already made initial investments in both traditional (offline) and online marketing over several years. He had used Sensis Websites and Yellow Pages (Online & traditional book) advertising without significant results in terms of growing website traffic, enhancing engagement within his site, and in achieving targets for lead conversion.

Our initial engagement involved making a number of simple improvements to his website and creating new lead generation off his website. We approached this work using an asset based approach. Firstly, we sought to understand Foster’s business assets and unique service offer in what is essentially a very crowded accounting services market in Cairns region. A key part of this was tapping into Foster’s own desire to “make accounting sexy!”. Essentially, Foster wanted to retain his existing branding – while exploring new territory in digital and social media marketing to improve sales.

We worked initially to enhance the existing website (working co-jointly with Sensis Websites team), achieving a number of general improvements to the home page to ensure better communication of his value proposition and adding in a number of Calls-To-Action (CTAs) within his website. We also trialled use of Google AdWords to see if there was longer term potential to generate more sales leads using Google’s search engine platform.

Our work has since morphed into creating a complete new website (taking over website management completely from Sensis Websites). In addition, our brief has expanded to now include assisting Foster to develop a range of social media marketing campaigns, online content strategy, and with community building online (ie. to find his “crowd”). We are focused on building a presence on LinkedIn and Facebook initially. Future plans include creating a “Keys to Business Success” video library on YouTube (offering insights from seasoned and successful local business owners).

Overall, our work involves supporting ongoing development of web and social media content to promote FBL Consulting services online and increase traffic to the website. We are also currently working with Foster to leverage his extensive experience (30+ years in the region) and his well established client base to boost the social media marketing efforts and enhance the business profile regionally. 

We are pleased to see healthy signs of progress for FBL Consulting Services – in terms of increased traffic through to the new website and promising signs of improved lead conversion. It is tough to carve out a niche in what is essentially a very crowded accounting services market locally. We have full confidence that FBL Consulting Services is now well positioned to take advantage of digital technology and social media marketing to grow sales well into the future!

If you would like to know more about our service packages for small business – our Business Booster Packages are a good starting point. Feel free to give Mark a call on 0439 221 430 or email: [email protected] to book a FREE 1-hour consultation!

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