November 25, 2015

Grow My Business

Our services to small-medium sized business include the following:

Road Map For Growth – We will help you get moving in the right direction with a clear roadmap and strategy for growth – that builds on your unique strengths and assets.

Business Booster Packages- We provide a range of booster packages that will boost your online presence and enhance sales

Creative Digital Marketing – We build affordable websites and social media presence

Operational Audits – We can audit you current operations and management set-up to find innovative ways to do more for less, and use technology to save time and money!

Growing a small business sure can be tough in todays highly competitive market – where it seems just about every week a new competitor or disruptor enters the market. It can be overwhelming and exhausting trying to manage your existing business while making the necessary plans and investing time and money to grow your customer base or product /service offering.

Most SME business owners with aspirations to grow struggle with the all-too-common case of too much time working in the business and not enough time working on the business. This is where we come in! We help small-medium sized business owners get a complete view of their business – warts and all – to enable a realistic assessment of what it will take to grow the business without breaking the bank.

We typically help our clients through the following seven transition points on the journey towards growth:

  1. Clarity of business vision, strategy and goals;
  2. Putting in place the right financial model and cash flow management strategies
  3. Use of creative online marketing and selling strategies
  4. Growing the capacity and capabilities of your team
  5. Putting in place the best tools, systems and technology to save time and money
  6. Building a brand that provides a platform for scaling and long term business growth
  7. Creating the right structure that gives you more time for yourself and your family


We offer a free 1-hour consultation to discuss your needs in more detail and how we can help. Want to talk with one of our Consultant Team?

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