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These days no business or organisation can afford not to be investing in digital technology. Most consumers are already using digital technology in some way shape or form throughout their daily lives, and like it or not – its not going away! Those not willing to make the transition will forfeit new opportunities and lose ground to those who do embrace digital technology in its various forms.

Developing a digital strategy can be overwhelming even for those familiar with using digital technology. The digital marketing landscape in particular is complex and with constant changes in the technology and its application – it makes it difficult to keep up. The typical questions we come across with clients include: Why should I bother? How much will I need to invest? What return on investment can I expect? How can I measure the effectiveness of these investments over the longer term? What will it change in my day-to-day business processes? These are all valid questions to ask. Investments in digital should be seen no differently to any other investment – its all about taking a long term view and ensuring you have a clear strategy.

Why businesses and organisations need to develop a digital marketing strategy in particular:

  • The majority of Australian consumers use Google for online search (approx. 94%). Australians aged 18 years+ spend over 28 hours per month browsing content on smart phones or iPads.
  • Almost 50% of consumers aged 18-29 years now access social media every day, yet only 31% of SME businesses actively implement a social media engagement strategy.
  • Approximately 55% of business-to-business (B2B) buyers search for product or vendor information on social media, meaning that an online presence is essential. Primarily, people are looking for the testimonials of other people online.

Those who can establish a competitive advantage through a clear digital strategy that is well executed will find that new opportunities emerge and over the longer term benefits will outweigh the investments made. Do you wish you had someone who could explain how to use digital technology in simple, easy to understand language?

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