Bali Organic Farmers / Koperasi Tani Bali Jagadhita and Aroma Wali Dewata

The Bali Organic Biodiversity Project is a unique project that aims to create an integrated and financially sustainable model for organic agroforestry development in Bali province – leading to employment creation outcomes, strengthening of local community bonds, restoration of old traditions, and regional economic  & environmental benefits.
The project will aim to support a local farmers cooperative to transition up to 200 farms (approx. 1,000Ha) from a dependence on mono-cropping and chemical use, to full organic farming techniques including multi-cropping / complimentary planting.  We are currently supporting this unique agroforestry and organic farming project through securing pilot phase project funding and long term impact venture capital investment. We are also providing a range of business consulting and support services to the project team.
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