Jars of Clay Coffee Shop, Phnom Penh Cambodia

Jars Of Clay Cafe, Cambodia represent an amazing group of young Cambodian women who are attempting to create a truly 100% Cambodian owned, managed and staffed modern Cafe to suit both Cambodian and International tastes. The business is structured as a social enterprise with employment provided to vulnerable young women and a percentage of profits directed to local NGOs /Charities. The business has grown significantly over the past 5 years and is positioning for further growth including expansion into locations outside of Phnom Penh city.

Our work with Jars Of Clay has focused on transitioning the business, to help reposition itself as relevant and attractive Cafe within what is quickly becoming a highly competitive (and saturated) Cafe market in Phnom Penh city. We have delivered a complete Business Boost Package services to this client – which has included: Customer Insights Survey and Marketing Strategy, Logo / Brand Development, New Website, Refreshed Social Media and ongoing Digital Marketing / Campaign support.

In addition, we have recently provided business advisory services to support the Jars Of Clay Cafe team embark on their latest Cafe renovation project. The project entailed a significant re-design, renovation and furnishing of the first Cafe (located near the Russian Market). We supported the local management team with visual mock-ups, design advice, interior decorating concepts, budgeting & renovation planning support, and have also undertaken to provide design of new menus for the Cafe. Overall, we are thrilled to see how well the project has been delivered. It is now completed and the new Cafe space looks amazing! You can read more about this in our recent blog posts.