The Streets Movement (Organisation), Cairns

The Streets Movement (Organisation), Cairns started from very humble beginnings – emerging as a self-funded, wholly community led initiative that aimed to engage young people, inspire dreams, restore hope, and foster personal responsibility – leading to changed lives. The Streets Movement (Organisation) is led by Jesse Martin, a passionate and inspirational leader with a dream to change the paradigm for disengaged communities and young people – throughout Australia and abroad!

Jesse and his team are increasingly gaining profile nationally and overseas due to the strong focus on community led change initiatives and through passion to inspire every individual to take control of their own lives and make changes necessary to improve their situation.

Check out Jesse’s TEDTalk via this link: 

Our work with The Streets Movement (Organisation) is very much in early stages – we are providing general consulting advice and assisting with strategic planning activities focused on how the organisation can scale up their community change model (which includes a range of community-led, social enterprise, business and education initiatives in the pipeline). In addition, we are currently preparing a Corporate and Philanthropic Pitch Package to assist the TSM leadership team as they pursue strategic partnerships in 2017.

We feel incredibly excited to be part of their journey! We look forward to assisting Jesse and his team reach their full potential as a regional, national and international agent of social and community-led change!