November 25, 2015

Revitalize My NFP Organisation

Building a thriving NFP organization is one of the most demanding jobs anyone can put their hand up for! NFP leaders grapple with the challenges of donor fatigue, staff turnover, competition for quality resources, making the most of limited budgets, building internal capacity and capabilities, while finding new ways to innovate service delivery to do more for less. We know these NFP leadership challenges all too well (and yes, we feel your pain!).

We believe that a key to finding new growth opportunities and discovering innovative ways to deliver your mission within budget and aligned to donor expectations is through a systems thinking approach. At the core of every NFP is a compelling mission and vision that motivates and inspires people to give their time, energies and dedication to a cause. With the right combination of leadership, team culture and smart processes and technology – NFPs can achieve the multiple goals of delivering outcomes in a sustainable way.

Do you wish you had more of these attributes in your organisation?

  • Greater alignment of our people, systems and culture;
  • Greater alignment of donor / funder expectations with our way of delivering services, making meaningful impact and in measuring overall outcomes
  • Improved use of technology enabling us to do more for less cost and time;
  • Growing our team and supporter base to create a movement of change-makers that contribute to our cause
  • Building our internal capabilities and developing our emergent leaders so we have quality leadership pipeline.

We help NFP of all shapes and sizes that are seeking to transition, shift or reframe their organisational frame of reference to adopt new ways of operating. We can help you develop a roadmap for change and identify strategies to achieve your organisations mission more effectively, efficiently and with lasting influence.

We can help you with practical and cost-effective solutions to shift your organisation frame of reference, build capabilities and position for growth.


We offer reduced consulting rates for NFPs and 1-hour free initial consultation session – so, give us a call TODAY!

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