November 25, 2015

Launch My Start Up Idea

Everything starts with a dream and a passion. If your idea is keeping you awake at night, is all that you can talk about with your family and friends, or leaves you so fired up each time you think about it that you can’t sit still – then you need to give us a call! Every entrepreneur or start-up founder knows that a level of internal frustration, tension, passion, drive and emotional energy are often a necessary part of the journey and can become the fuel to take your emerging business dreams and bring them into reality.

If you ever say any of these things to yourself – we can help you!

We help you discover the most viable and profitable business model and a strategy to grow.

We can help you find the right connections and specialists to get you started and position you for scale up.

We help get your business financials in order so that you can pitch with confidence to attract the right investors for your business.

We help you create a marketing strategy that resonates with your target customers and offer affordable packages for website and social media marketing.

We help you road test your product / service to get customer insights that will drive early stage growth strategy and boost your initial sales.

We help you think differently about your social start up, providing strategies that can lead to profitable and sustainable growth.

We help those aspiring to go quickly from Start Up to Scale Up (not for the faint hearted!) – we develop creative and scalable business strategies to achieve your goals.

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