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Get help to manage your business or social sector transitions – aligning people and profit outcomes. We specialise with transitions in digital marketing, streamlining operations, new technology, leadership and culture change.


Find the best ways to grow or scale up your business or social venture. Avoid the common pitfalls when scaling or investing in growth. Our consultant team offers solid advice, creativity  strategies, practical knowledge and expertise.


Access the right resources and advice to ensure your startup has the best chance of success. No man is an island – every great business has been built through great teams. We can help you find the right people, resources and expertise to get your idea off the ground quickly!

Special Offers

  • Digital Marketing Matters

    Are local Cairns businesses making the most of digital marketing currently? We assessed over 170 businesses – read our research report here.

  • Digital Health Check

    Before developing any digital strategy you need to know what areas you should focus on. Get a FREE Digital Health Check for your Small Business or Not-For-Profit

  • How To Guides

    We know it takes time and can do your head in trying to understand all the ins and outs of digital and social media marketing – that’s why we’ve made it easy for

  • Business Booster Packages

    Our Business Booster Packages are designed for Start Ups and new businesses seeking a complete digital marketing services package at an affordable price!

Confidence to create:

Business with Impact


We offer a unique range of consulting services across the spectrum of Not-For-Profit, Social Enterprise and Small-Medium Business. We have a diverse and experienced consultant team able to support your needs in navigating change, charting new growth or launching your Start-Up.

  • Change

    Navigating change is tough. All effective change efforts rely on managing transitions well. As customer expectations shift and markets face constant disruption, you will inevitably be faced with a need to transition. Transitions are required whether you are adapt a new business model, embracing opportunities afforded by digital & technology platforms, or simply aiming to stay relevant in eyes of your customers, shareholders and staff.
    Before embarking on any change effort, leaders need to understand well how their transition plans will be managed across four key areas: Cultural landscape, Current beliefs, Context and Capabilities. We understand that approaches to transitions need to be uniquely assessed, as every business is unique. We have successfully led change initiatives across the spectrum of NFP /Social Sector, Social Enterprise and For-Profit business and can help you avoid the common pitfalls to ensure your change efforts stick!

  • Growth

    There is a whole world of difference between a business seeking growth and one seeking to scale up. Not every business model is capable of being scaled up. Not every business model is ready for growth.
    Whether you’re an entrepreneurial business owner, an executive in a mid-size enterprise or a visionary social sector leader – if you’re looking for a consultant with strategy development expertise that can help you successfully grow or scale up – look no further!

  • Startup

    As Newton’s Laws of motion indicate – to overcome inertia we must exert a force equal or greater to the counter /opposing forces at play. In any new start-up the counter and opposing forces are many and varied! Internal frustrations, disappointments, product & design failures, lack of finances, negatives voices from all the naysayers – are just a few of the usual suspects we meet on the startup journey. This is where having a great startup founding team comes into play – a great team ensures the right mix of knowledge, skills, energy, passion and work ethic to see the vision become a reality. To give your startup early momentum – you will need the right people on board at the right time, a clear plan and ability to execute and learn quickly. We can help you get early runs on the board and avoid the common pitfalls. We also offer to selective clients an equity buy-in option – as an alternative to the typical consultant fee structure – meaning we have skin in the game with you!

Confidence to Create:

Thriving Social Ventures

Meet The E-Team

Our team comprise experienced professionals from various disciplines and backgrounds with specific expertise in working cross-culturally and in complex project environments. In engaging a member of our team, we commit to add exceptional value, to work in ways that build trust, promote learning and growth, and which inspire an emergent leadership culture.

  • Mark Dennert

    Managing Director / Lead Consultant (Australasia region)

  • Jo Dennert

    Lead Consultant (Australasia region)

  • Alex Murray

    Lead Consultant

  • Fiona Jarden

    Project Consultant (Asia Pacific region)

  • Thomas Wagemaakers

    Project Consultant (Asia Pacific Region)

Happy Customers

Our approach to working with our clients, whether big or small, is the same. We treat each client with respect. We listen intently and ask the right questions to assess what drives their growth engine. We work collaboratively to identify simple yet effective strategies for doing more for less. We work hard to make sure our clients get the best possible outcome and great value for money.

Our Pricings

We offer our clients a complete range of consulting and business services that won't cost the earth. Our consultant rates and support packages are likely to be the most affordable and customisable you’ll find anywhere in the market!

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Be inspired by the latest from our blog! Read about current projects, client stories and personal reflection on business leadership, social enterprise development and social innovation.

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